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Srbija Cilim Clear Glass Mug

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Includes our cilim graphic design and the word Србија.  Holds 10 Fluid oz.  Hand-Wash Only; NOT Microwave Safe   


Decorative motives on cilims from Pirot are diverse and they are mainly of oriental origin. But the traditional Serbian motives were inserted in the decorative scheme too. One of the oldest and the most favorite motives is a tree of life (drvo života). Among the others there are: devil’s knee (vraško koleno), turtle (kornjača), wreath of nine cubes (venac od devet kubeta), the plate of Rašić (Rašđićeva ploča), little bird (ptiče), octopus (oktopod), chair (stolica), vat (kaca), tulip (lala), German box (nemačka kutija), small almonds (bademčići), etc. Apart from unusual names, most of the motives had symbolical meaning. Decorative motives are repeated with harmony and rhythm, within the areas in which the surface of a kilim is divided. (source)